Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions reagrding using our website? You're at the right place, because on this page we answer the most important questions about Moovie Hunter. The list will grow continuously as we gain more knowledge of what needs to be answered. If you didn't find the answer you seek below, don't hesitate to ask it directly us.

How do I start using the website?

After you've activated your account (verified your email address), you should check movies watched you've seen so far, and also rate as many from them as you can, give honest opinion about them. Because in the future, our website will use the collected data to recommend you movies you might like. To get exact match as your taste, you should use the site frequently, and keep updated your movie watching habit.

How should I use Watchlist?

Go to a movie's page you've never seen before but you want to do so in the near future, then click on the 'Add to watchlist' button, or on mobile devices click on the list icon and choose watchlist then add. The movies you add to your Watchlist will be found on your profile page under the lists option. You can also reach your list from the home page.

You can only add movies to your Watchlist you haven't checked as watched yet. After you mark a movie from your Watchlist checked, it will disappear from the list.

Deleting movies from your Watchlist: go to the page of your Watchlist where you can delete movies by clicking on the x button in the upper right side corner of the movie's cover picture.

Can I upload a movie too?

Every registered user of Moovie Hunter can upload movies to our database. If you're in the user group of our website, your uploaded movie will appear after a moderator of ours checked the movie you've uploaded if every information is correct. This is an important step in order to avoid any false information getting uploaded to Moovie Hunter.

How should I upload a movie?

Use the drop down user menu on the main bar at top of the page and choose the 'Upload a Movie' option and fill in the upload form on the 'Add a movie' page. Please, provide only valid and official informations regarding a movie. Before adding a movie to our database, check if it's already exists in it or not and only add if the later is true. You can only upload a movie if every required field is filled.

Your uploaded movie will only appear on the website if a moderator checked it.

How can I add friends?

If you follow a user and that user follows you back, you will gain a friend and it will be added to your profile. If the follow is one sided, then that person won't be added to your friends list.

How is it possible to see my friends' latest activity on Moovie Hunter?

First, you should follow your friends' account on our website. If none of your friends has an account yet, then recommend Moovie Hunter to them. If the users you're following has any activity on the website, the latest one will always appear on the home page. You can check a friend's latest activites on their profile page as well.

Can I join as a moderator?

If you feel responsible enough to be part of our team, then you can apply by contacting us at If you want to help us improving Moovie Hunter by supervising the content uploaded by the users of the site and you also think you have the right amount of time to do that so, then we would be honored to know you as part of our moderator's team.

I forgot my login password. What should I do?

You can ask for your password on this link.

I can't log out and im using google good id. What should I do?

You can manage your permissons for applications at your google account. There you can withdraw the permisson which result log out from google good id (site cookies excluded)

Haven't found the answer you were looking for? Then please send us a message explaining your problem on our Report problem page under the help option.
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